Monday, July 11, 2011

New figures

I am probably going to have to change the way I look at rainfall and runoff to a financial year model, as it seems that that is the main way that ACTEWAGL are reporting data.

However, as of this date we have had 270.6 mm of rainfall for the calendar year and - by a revised calculation that removes the 130 megalitres per day of overflow that ACTEWAGL reported for March and April from my May, June and July figures - 33,000 megalitres of inflow. We have had 23,000 megalitres of water usage over that period also, which is sitting at slightly above last year, but - give the uncertainties - is basically the same.

Friday, July 8, 2011

June/July update

I haven't posted for over a month, as I have been elsewhere.

Unfortunately, so has ACTEWAGL's daily usage data while they switched to a new website design ...

This means that I am having to estimate the amount of runoff that we have received. That estimate is currently at around 41,000 megalitres from rainfall of not much more than 280 mm. This estimate is at the high end--we may have received closer to 30,000 megalitres. Rainfall thus far this year has been low, with very low April, May and June. We have already had some rain in July, but it is not yet enough to counter the previous low months. Spring will be all important in determining annual rainfall.