Thursday, February 18, 2010

Submission to the ACT Legislative Assembly

A submission that I made to the ACT Legislative Assembly has now been made publicly available. It is here:

There are two mistakes in it, annoyingly. I forgot to alter 'one per cent' to 'five per cent' in the section on global warming and Canberra daytime temperatures. And in the references section, there is a typo, with 'factormation' instead of 'information' - maybe it will become a new word, though. ;)

I also did not explain something that I should have done. This was that, while changes in global temperatures cause changes in local temperatures and while changes in local temperatures cause changes in local rainfall, it is difficult to link changes in global temperatures with change in local rainfall *directly*. This is because there are many other factors. Given R^2 values of around 40 per cent for the two known relationships, there will be at best a 16% value for the correlation between the two more distant numbers - and it is likely to be much lower than that.

More to be added.

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