Friday, May 28, 2010

Rain/Inflow thus far this year

We have had close to 270 mm of rainfall this year. With what is expected over the weekend, we may top 300 mm, which is very good for this time of the year.

Inflows to dams, however, are not proceeding as well. My previous prediction that we would hit close to 23,000 megalitres from the good rainfall in April did not eventuate. We have received 22,400 megalitres as of today. We should, based again on predictions for some catch-up and for the predicted rainfall, exceed 25,000 megalitres some time in the next two weeks.

I am downgrading my prediction for total inflow for the year to 60,000 megalitres. This has been a very bad year for megalitres of inflow per millimetre of rainfall - the worst, from what I can gather, on record. But we will still receive much more inflow than last year, simply because we are having an above average rainfall year.

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