Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Canberra rainfall for January

For January, we had around average rainfall, 54 mm.

My usual method of determining inflow will not work, as Canberra dams are sitting at 100 per cent. Thus, while I can set a minimum for the amount of inflow based on water usage and the fact that we briefly dipped below 100 per cent in early January, I cannot know what the real inflow. I will thus make an estimate, based on 300 megalitres of inflow per mm of rainfall - so around 16,000 megalitres.

We have had significant rainfall in the first week of February already - 56 mm. So we are on track for an above average rainfall for the first part of the year at least.

It may be that it will not be until La Nina ends that I will be able to make some more accurate measures of inflow. It will be interesting to see what the ratio of megalitres to mm is, giving me some more information about the hydrology of the Canberra area at the moment. 

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