Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yearly inflow to the end of March

The first three months of the year have gone, and we have seen low inflow for the amount of rain that we have received. However, we have still received a large inflow: 23,000 megalitres from 225 mm of rain.

(note: this is assuming that ACTEWAGL are still releasing around 130 megalitres a day to avoid problems with the dams - I suspect that this will not be the case in April, but will continue to track inflow as if that was the case until the end of April or I get more information).

This keeps the runoff per millimetre at just over 100 megalitres, which is odd, given the saturated nature of the soils. What it could mean, however, is that much of the rain is simply not falling in the catchement area, which is something that I was concerned about as a possibility last year.

By the same time last year, we had recieved around 16,700 megalitres in runoff from around the 230 mm of rainfall. This means that there has been a significant improvement, but not near what I expected - I thought that we would have returned to double this, or even higher. (Note that the long-term average is *triple* this rate of megalitres per mm).

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