Monday, September 19, 2011

Rainfall and inflow update after a lengthy absence

I have been on my second teaching prac for a month and thus have not had time to keep this updated.

I overestimated the expected inflow from the good rain that we received in August. As of 19 September, we are only up to about 38,000 megalitres of inflow from yearly rain totalling close to 340 mm. Below average rainfall so far for this year and below average inflow. It does not appear that last year's huge amount of rain changed the dynamics significantly: megalitres per mm has dropped to 113.

La Nina has rolled in officially, so it is probable that we will get some good rain over the remaining four months of the year. We need it to push as to the average or above. I admit that I am concerned that we could be heading into another period of drought. At least our dams are full, though.

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